Clever words to make you sound smart

We have all been in the position when we have to write a complex article, make a presentation or go to a  job interview when we feel our vocabulary just isn’t good enough. Here I have collected words which I use when I want to trick people into thinking I’m a lot more intelligent than I really am.

And becomes Furthermore 

To Show becomes Demonstrates 

To Think becomes To envision 

Aim becomes Intention 

Team Player becomes Collaborator 

Education becomes Erudation

Because becomes As a result of…

Reliable becomes Conscientious

To Dedicate becomes To be diligent 

Sociable becomes Gregarious 

To Want becomes To aspire to

Skill becomes Expertise 

I hope these words help you!



About ejane01

I am Emma. I like to think I have a good sense of humour and an outgoing personality. However, I study law at University which may contradict all of what I previously said.
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