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Common Regrets of 2012

This is the time of year when most people look over 2012 and think of all the fantastic things they have done throughout the year. Common examples include saving the whales, feeding most of Africa and inventing a cure for … Continue reading

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Amusing Psyche Test

I found this rather amusing test in the depths of the internet. My results are somewhat interesting. I have posted them at the bottom of this so you can laugh to yourself at how strange I must seem. Although after … Continue reading

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Other Blog

I have another blog on Blogger. If any of you are on there then please communicate with me there too!  http://efoz247.blogspot.co.uk 

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Why clubbing makes me want to peel out my own eyeballs

I enjoy clubbing. There I said it. It’s a fun thing to do however what I don’t understand is why I enjoy it.  If you have never been to a club before then count yourself lucky although I will try … Continue reading

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University Stereotypes

There is nothing stranger than the people at university. They fall into several distinct categories. 1) The Shagger This man has recently moved out of home for the first time. He has recently realised that there is no one around … Continue reading

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Clever words to make you sound smart

We have all been in the position when we have to write a complex article, make a presentation or go to a  job interview when we feel our vocabulary just isn’t good enough. Here I have collected words which I … Continue reading

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Terrible Ethics at Urban Outfitters

I have never been a regular customer of urban outfitters but I have been in a few times and bought the odd product. However, I had no idea about their terrible ethics and beliefs. I was horrified to find that … Continue reading

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